How I can be sure that the money I donate is spent wisely?
  • the EMS board makes funding decisions as a group—no single person controls the outcome
  • the board consists of mature disciples with years of experience who are leaders in their local churches
  • the process of decision making is accompanied with much prayer
  • the leadership and admin costs are extremely low for an organization of this size
  • the EMS is audited annually, and has always received a non-qualified opinion
  • the EMS compensation committee approves the salary for every full-time person
  • every church is challenged to become self-supporting within a reasonable time frame
What is the advantage to donate to the EMS instead of supporting churches directly?
  • the EMS board brings a lot of expertise to the planning and execution of missions efforts
  • a larger budget enables us to support full-time leaders for a longer time period (provides more security for the leaders)
  • a cooperative effort enables us to centralize, coordinate and monitor our mission activities more effectively
  • the EMS enhances unity between churches because more churches are involved in donating and receiving
  • over the long term, a strategic, cooperative effort should be more efficient that individual efforts
How much money does a church have to donate to send a board member?
  • a US church must donate $50,000 USD, a European church must donate $10,000 USD per year
How are the Board member chosen?
  • directors are nominated by the local church, and approved by the board
  • all board members have to complete an orientation, and sign a conflict of interest policy which is updated annually
  • directors should be mature disciples and leaders in their local churches
  • directors serve for three years, and can serve for additional terms if the board and local church are in agreement



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